Crazy Diver

Downloads: 10 000+

Exciting and stylish casual game with vibrant graphics. Feel free to open the mysteries of the underwater world just like a professional diver!

Hurry up! Dive into the water and overcome obstacles in your path. Grab new wetsuits and equipment, level up your skills, and swim faster and further!
There will be plenty of dangerous underwater monsters on your way.
Just watch out and use your reaction to defeat your enemies in a fair fight!
Go into a mysterious and exciting world of diving!

– Intuitive and exciting gameplay;
– Various game characters and equipment options;
– Unlimited diving distance;
– Spectacular game effects and pleasant visual style.

– Press the screen to start diving;
– Dive right under the Dive buoy by clicking on the screen;
– Dive in by keeping your finger on the screen and float up to the surface, taking your finger off the screen.
– Strike a balance between diving and surfing to swim as far away as possible. Be careful: if you float to the surface or dive too deep, the game will be over!
– Avoid obstacles.
– Set records and improve your gear so you can sail on to meet new sea monsters.

Switch characters, upgrade your equipment, level up your skills, and swim further to the unknown. Have fun!