Downloads: 100 000+

Do you want to improve your mind?
“Megabrain” is an interesting game especially for you!

Follow the instructions and perform tasks!
Earn your points and buy helpful bonuses.
With each new round you have to raise the level of your logic and wit

You will find many interesting tours on various subjects:
1. Where is the logic? (Logically determine what connects 4 pictures on the screen)
2. Whose shadows? (Guess whose silhouette is shown on the screen)
3. What’s missing? (Find what is missing in the picture)
4. Find the total. (Determine the link between 3 pictures and find out what they have in common)
5. Guess the country. (Guess the country by the flag and territory)
6. Whose eyes. (Guess which celebrity eyes you see in the picture)
7. Two in One. (Guess combined famous people)
8. Test on all topics with limited time. (Check your erudition in the exam)

“Megabrain” is a workout for your mind!